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 A few you might find of interest!

Silverhairs  is a site dedicated to help older people (and others!) with their computing, whether it be problems with hardware or software

Troubleshooting Windows XP, tweaks and fixes for Windows XP.
The UK Computer Clubs Directory: the definitive listing of all UK Computer Clubs and Computer User Groups!
The purpose of this website is to offer some scanning tips and hints, help with fundamentals, and other basic scanning information to help you get the most from your scanner.
Postcode and Address Finder 

Bona Fide Club members can get 10% discount on purchases from this Mail Order House

The national Computer Fair Show Guide
Wilf is one of our club members, and his website is a veritable Aladdin's Cave of items ranging from Science Fiction to Science and Computing articles.

Lots of DLL related shareware and freeware on the web that will help you manage and organize your DLLs.
(Frank Condron's World o' Windows) A good starting place for information and drivers.
The Gutenburg Project - download books to read on-screen or print out

Computer and Internet technology. Online Dictionary and search engine.

Step-by-step instructions on how to build or upgrade a PC.

A ragbag of upgrades, news, support and packages. The latest free tweaks for Windows, Office and all that comes under the Internet Explorer programs.

Produces maps for any locality.

Your original Webmaster's first, personal, website.


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